IG Inspo #1

All of us, fashion enthusiasts, scroll for hours on Instagram for inspiration and to see all the hot new trends. So I decided to write a post about all the fashion trends I spotted on Instagram that inspired me. 

(None of these pictures are mine)

#1 Pink Barbie! 

If there was ever a picture that described my style to a T, it would be this one. I love ripped jeans, anything off the shoulder, and I recently just got into wearing hats. Oh and my favorite color is pink. I really like when we trade our heels for a pair of cute and comfortable sneakers too. This outfit would be perfect for just about anywhere.

#2 Pin Up Beauty!

What really stuck out to me about this picture is the perfectly messy bun, the bandanna headband,and the (again) off the shoulder top! It’s so cute but edgy at the same time. Normally I suggest never to wear shorts with the packets hanging out, but this girl is doing it for me. Bravo sweetie!

#3 Biker Chick Cutie!

Ugh, that top and those pants are everything to me right now! This girl rocked this and paired it with the perfect pair of shades. I could see myself wearing this to a concert or like a fair or carnival. Don’t you agree? I also love how the pants have fringe at the bottom, something you don’t see everyday.

#4 Fitness Babe!

Yes. Yes. Yes girl! I love everything about this picture! You might have seen it on my IG account, @danielle.fashiondoll. I love the simple fact that she took a everyday gym outfit and turned it into something you could wear on the streets! I live for this and I need to find this jacket!

#5 Street Vixon!

This babe is totally slaying in these thigh high boot/belt combo. If I saw her walking down the street I would bow dow to this slay queen. This picture just screams fierce bitch to me. I really need to order me a pair! It’s common knowledge to us fashion lovers that the shoes really make a outfit. In this case its very very true.

#6 Basic Hottie!

Now I love this look. It’s casual and sexy at the same time. You literally could rock this look anywhere you go. We all know that a cute jean jacket can really go with anything. Oh and lets not leave out that amazing shoe collection in the back. I see you.

Thats all the inspiration I have for you today, loves. Don’t forget, when it comes to fashion, wear whatever the hell you want and always be YOU! Until next time…..

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