Review #1

Hey loves! 

  We are so close to warmer days and for the spring and summer I wanted to go lighter with my hair. I definitely didn’t want to spend $120 plus on some highlights so I decided to do it myself. I searched my local drugstore for the best highlighting kit. I came across a few but one stood out to me, the L’oreal Colorista Bleach Highlights for medium to dark hair.

I picked this one because of the “easy to use” highlighting comb. 

 I followed the instructions to a T and left it on for 45 minutes like it instructed. The highlights came out uneven and spotty. Barely made a difference in my hair. 

  I don’t know, maybe I did do something wrong, I’m not a hairstylist. But it does claim it’s easy to use. I was very disappointed in this product. I wouldn’t recommend it. When I was applying the bleach the fumes made my eyes legit water. I rather go back to the painful method of highlights with the cap you had to pull your hair through. I give this L’oreal product a 4/10. 

  Thank you guys so much for checking out my first review! Remember what I always say, wear whatever the hell you want and dont apologize for it. Also follow me on IG @danielle.fashiondoll and Twitter @Bebb_danielled 
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