OOTD #13


  On todays ootd, I was inspired by the warm weather, clear sky, and the sun radiating of my skin. I put together this summery flirty outfit with lace and a touch of color because I like neutrals oh so much! 

  ♡I am obsessed with these high waisted shorts because the lacing on them is so pretty .

 ♡ The lace detail on this top goes perfectly with these shorts. I love how the lace goes right up to my neck. If you love good deals, your jaw is gonna drop when I tell you were I got these pieces from.

♡  I paired this outfit with these cute flowery sandals. 




  Thanks dolls for tuning in for another ootd ! I started vlogging so go check out my youtube channel! Type in Danielle dubien and you will find me. Also go follow me on my other social medias!!!! ♡♡♡
IG: @danielle.fashiondoll 

Twitter: @bebb_danielled 

Facebook: Danielle the Fashion Doll


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