OOTD #14

Hey Loves! ♡

 ♡ Today I’m bring you tassles and lots of them! 

 ♡ I found this shirt my first time I went thrifting so I’m not exactly sure where it’s originally from. But I am posting a video of my thrifting experience and the gems I found on my Youtube channel! Which will be up sometime this week. I try to post a video every week.

♡  My favorite trends right now do include tassles! When I found this shirt with the crochet halter I almost died. It has tassles, crochet, and it’s a crop top?! I had to get it. Not to mention, it was $4.00 people! (Gasp)

  ♡I’ve been a little busy these days because I’m working on a new project that I’m dying to show you guys! 

  In the mean time…. 

♡  Go check out my Instagram @danielle.fashiondoll and Twitter @bebb_danielled  ! I also made a facebook page, Danielle the Fashion Doll, where I’ll be posting videos and updates! So now I’m EVERYWHERE !!! Don’t forget to find me on my Youtube channel! Just search Danielle Dubien and I’ll be there everyweek! Until next my loves…. ♡♡♡♡


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